Coach2Recruit is a leading market research and competitive intelligence firm that works in Agriculture, Pharma, MedTech and Healthcare space. Life science being at the core, we have a great interest and desire to support the industry by helping the leaders in their decision-making journey.
Over the years, while working on variety of different projects we have been eyes and ears of brand managers to better understand the customers, competition, and ever-changing market dynamics. Not just to make an impactful brand plan but to be agile and adopt tactical changes and better channelize the internal and external resources to convert challenges into opportunities.
Supported strategic leaders to foresee the challenges, better align the resources, to drive corporate changes and adopt best practices to not just stay relevant but to be a dominant player and a driving force in the market space.
Empowered investors to understand the real strength, opportunity, and threats in their prospects. With the powerful evidence-based approach we underline the differences between what is presented and reality.
We have been fortunate to work with distinguished industry experts and thought leaders from top consulting firms and supported them with niche-based intelligence services to solve piece of bigger puzzle.
While being a dominant player in Pharma CI in India, we have a strong foothold in domestic market, we are serving global market such as US, EU, Middle East, and APAC counties (except China) on different projects covering specific CI needs.

About Us

Quality of outcome in given timeline along with absolute respect to confidentiality has been our core principle, commitment and promise to all our resources and clients. That is our mission, and we intend to seriously peruse the same. While we work with some of the fortune 500 companies, we aim at becoming the one, someday.